Looks like the cream Rose to the top !  Bishops and WP Craven Week scrumhalf William Rose
pauses for a breather during a game. (photo: Caleb Bjergfelt)

Here are three of the WP Under 18 teams to represent the province at Brug Street from 9 to 14 July 2018.

The late publication of the sides has regrettably proved to be something quite beyond the understanding and control of normal human beings.  Finding out the players in the Academy Week Invitation team can wait; getting these three has caused more than enough frustration.

Make of the teams what you will.  Apart from an abnormally high HJS Paarl representation, they look pretty much as expected.  Mind you, the large number of Boishaai players is also something one has come to expect…. 

The original lists had the wrong schools for two of the players and a total of twelve errors in the spelling of various players' names, but that must be an oversight caused by all the secrecy and time constraints.  Yeah, right !


WP CRAVEN WEEK TEAM                                      WP CRAVEN WEEK XV                                                         

15. Cade Wolhuter (Paul Roos)                            15. Remy Engelbrecht (Paul Roos)           
14. Thoubaan Gabriels (Rondebosch)                   14. Tharquinn Manuel (Stellenberg)            
13. Dawid Kellerman (Paarl Gym)                        13. Luca Liebenberg (Bishops)
12. Brendan Venter (Paul Roos)                           12. Erik Lambrecht (Boland Landbou)
11. Stravino Jacobs (Paarl Gym)                          11. Marcqiewn Titus (Brackenfell)                
10. Juan Mostert (Paul Roos)                               10. Nivan Petersen (Stellenberg) 
  9. Dylan Alexander (Paarl Gym)                          9. Abduragheem Ismail (Milnerton)
  8. Evan Roos (HJS Paarl)                                     8. Mathew Cordy (Paul Roos)
  7. Mihlali Mgolodela (Rondebosch)                      7. Thys Kitshoff (Boland Landbou)
  6. Justin Muller (Bishops)                                   6. Dean Nieuwoudt (Paarl Gym)
  5. Adrian Alberts (HJS Paarl, c)                          5. Emile van Heerden (HJS Paarl)
  4. Juan Beukes (Paarl Gym)                               4. Nahum Johannes (Stellenberg)
  3. Hanro Jacobs (Paul Roos)                               3. David Ige (Rondebosch)
  2. Jason Alexander (Wynberg)                            2. Cullen van der Merwe (HJS Paarl)
  1. Robbie Rodgers (Paul Roos)                            1. De Wet Wolhuter (HJS Paarl)

16. JJ Kotzé (Paul Roos)                                     16. Alastair Williams (HJS Paarl)
17. Luthando Woji (Wynberg)                             17. Seth Christian (Rondebosch)
18. Roubert Bester (HJS Paarl)                            18. Jovan Bekker (Paarl Gym)
19. Dylan de Leeuw (Stellenberg)                       19. Tyrone Maritz (HJS Paarl)
20. Romauld Ntumba (Milnerton)                        20. Arman Posthumus (HJS Paarl)                         
21. William Rose (Bishops)                                  21. Monrey Titus (Durbanville)
22. Tiaan Pretorius (Paul Roos)                            22. Mikyle Vraagom (Milnerton) 
23. Darren Hendricks (Boland Landbou)               23. Juanré de Klerk (Durbanville)



WP ACADEMY WEEK TEAM                         

15. Raven Smith (Brackenfell)                             
14. Xavier Adams (Bellville)                             
13. Sebastian de Klerk (Boland Landbou)                             
12. Noegh Hayward (HJS Paarl)                            
11. Angelo Ochse (HJS Paarl)                             
10. Charl Janson (Paarl Gym)                             
  9. Ricky Agulhas (Boland Landbou)                 
  8. Hendri Siebert (Paarl Gym)                           
  7. Mark Etzebeth (Paarl Gym)                           
  6. Louwan Horn (HJS Paarl)                              
  5. Jarod Cairns (Paul Roos, c)                            
  4. Schalk Bezuidenhout (Boland Landbou)        
  3. David Coerie (Bishops)                               
  2. Justin Cupido (Stellenberg)                          
  1. Jason Jansen (Stellenberg)                               

16. Delarey Nel (Paarl Gym)                             
17. Paul Ige (Rondebosch)                            
18. Rhynhardt Rijnsburger (HJS Paarl)                             
19. Jade Hendricks (HJS Paarl)                                       
20. Siphumesa Dyonase (Somerset College)          
21. Liam Kloosman (Bishops)                            
22. Regan van der Westhuizen (Paul Roos)        
23. Tiaan Swanepoel (Paarl Gym)


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