Stoopstats is proud to present the provisional schools fixtures for the Boland, South Western Districts and Western Province for 2019 in response to several pleas from followers who are suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms.

However, several points need to be borne in mind when perusing the schedule.

1.   For the reasons listed below this list is by no means complete.

(a) The WP fixtures are drawn up centrally and sent out for scrutiny fairly early in the close  
     season, but
(b) the Boland schools are responsible for compiling their own fixtures, which means that the     
     site is dependent on all these schools providing their programmes.  Several have yet to do      
(c) while also being put together centrally, the SWD roster is not always available this early.    
     However, neither Oakdale nor Outeniqua had any problem supplying their programmes     
     on request.  Just in (16 November 2018) : the SWD fixtures !

2.   Some of the fixtures are still subject to change.

     While the WP fixtures and the SWD ones - when they become available - have/will have    
     been carefully checked, it is not unheard of for there to be occasional instances of double-
     bookings in the Boland due to miscommunication.

3.  Festivals.

     When perusing the various festival programmes, please keep in mind the fact that the
     focus of this website is entirely on the Western Cape.  

(a) Some of the festivals are still to announce which schools will be taking part in 2019.  In   
     those cases where the attendees’ names have been published, all the participants are    
     listed under the date on which the festival begins.
(b) Where fixtures for an event are already available, only those games involving Western
     Cape schools appear.
(c) In the case of the World Schools Festival, only the names of the Western Cape
     participants are listed under the starting date.


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